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Dinner / Restaurant

One Evening's Dinner


We never use seafood. Instead, we base our menu around incorporating local produce, such as mountain vegetables and freshwater salmon.
This wholesome menu brings out the inherent flavor of the natural seasonal ingredients.
But take heed, this is no mere country food. Each dish is arranged with great care for an elaborate and beautiful presentation.

Restaurant “Yamaboushi”

食事処 「やまぼうし」

You can enjoy your dinner and breakfast in the restaurant Yamaboushi, located next to the main building, which features exclusively private dining rooms.

Breakfast / Restaurant

Japanese food


Breakfast is healthy with many items.



After your meal, enjoy a cup of self-service coffee at your leisure.
We have an impressive collection of coffee cups, so choose and use the one you like!

About “Meal”/JAPAN


It will be an introduction movie of your meal.

Dinner time 18 o'clock


Dinner time is fixed at 18:00, but we recommend that you arrive when check-in time begins at 15:00 and enjoy the baths before your meal!


Our standard policy is a per-person charge which entitles each guest to one dinner and one breakfast for each night of stay, with a limit of 2 to 6 people per room.




If you come by car during winter season from December to March, you will need snow tires

Many people think that Kyushu is warm and does not snow.
Many people mistakenly believe that Kyushu is warm enough not to have snow in the winter, but the truth is that between December and March, you need to be prepared for snow.



A special discount ticket offered by JR railways, geared towards individual foreign tourists. Ride as many bullet and express trains as you'd like (Nozomi and Mizuho trains excluded) within the given time period!

Accommodation facilities & more details

Internet access Yes(Wi-Fi)
Internet connection charges No(Free)
Pets Allowed No
Onsen hot springs on accommodation Yes


Service & tax
Service charge included
Consumption tax NOT included
SPA tax(150yen) NOT included
※ New Year, Obon ,seasonal periods such as the GW may be subjected to a different price.
Most common charge style Room with Dinner and Breakfast included (per person)
Cancellation Cash
Payment ※Cancellation fee
7-5 day prior : 10% of the room rate
4-2 day prior : 30% of the room rate
1 day prior :50 % of the room rate
Accomodation day : 100%


Name of accommodation Kiyasuya
Area Sugiyu Onsen(Oita)
Address 527 Sujiyu Onsen, Kokonoe-machi, Kusu-gun, Oita 879-4912,JAPAN